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California Psychics can help you get wonderful answers!

Founded in 1995, is located in Burbank, CA. They have more than 200 psychics to serve customers in Love, Money, Career, Destiny. Everybody can try their free psychic question.

Why do more people trust their psychic service? We found that’s because of their different psychic screening process. Only 2 in 100 psychics who apply make it through their screening process. Their Psychic Managers screen and test the skills of each psychic prior to hiring them. Every psychic is tested for accuracy, professionalism, compassion and the desire to help people. And they constantly seek out customer feedback, checking back with customers and each new customer after their first reading.

In addition, their psychic service is satisfaction guaranteed. To ensure your satisfaction with your reading experience, they offer a guarantee on your most recent reading. They will credit your account in California Psychics dollars for the equivalent of up to 20 minutes for the reading in question.

Free Psychic Question has 5 free minutes offer, that means you can ask them a free psychic question talking in phone for 5 minutes. How does it work? First, you submit your question on their website with your email address, and then they will send you a question ID, with which you can use to call them for free. Submit your question here.

Best Offer from California Psychics

If you need more minutes to talk with their renowned psychics, they have introductory offer for new customers: $1.00 a minute. Due to the obvious limit of 5 minutes for free, through our research, we found most people take advantage of this special offer. To catch the promo and get answer for your love, money, career or destiny, please visit their official website:


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