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Nowadays, people can have a psychic reading by email, by phone, of course you can always visit a psychic at your neighborhood in person to get a cheap psychic reading. Today we introduce free online psychic chat, which is more suitable for some people who don’t like or are not convenient to talk on phone.

In fact, free online psychic reading chat is quite easy and simple. Now let’s start with two trustful psychic networks to see how it works: and

psychic reading from liveperson.comLivePerson was founded in 1995 and is a provider of online engagement solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice. They have been publicly traded on Nasdaq (LPSN) since April 2000. They have more than 30,000 experts available in real time providing affordable advice, including psychic reading.

The secret that most people don’t know is that you can have free online psychic chat with LivePerson. First, you sign up with them for free, and then you find a psychic you are interested in to initiate a chat reading. It’s free for the first a couple of minutes. You can talk to as many psychics as you want in this way for free. It’s only charged until you click the “Hire Expert” button, as shown in the picture below:

how to get free online psychic reading chat from

In addition, they only charge $1.00 a minute for first time customers. For more information, please visit:

Similarly, you can have free online psychic chat reading from This psychic network was incorporated in February 2005. They have the most rigorous psychic screening process, and their psychics are required to verify their identities by providing them with a copy of a government issued photo ID, so that when you see a photo of them on their site, you can be certain you are getting the real deal.

They provide video psychic chatting. You enter into their free psychic reading chat rooms and can listen and see their psychics for free. The video is only one way, that means you can see their psychics, but they can’t see you, see the screen-shot below. You can choose to have a private reading when you feel real connection with a psychic, otherwise it’s always free.

Video chatting psychic reading free from

It’s quite easy to have your free psychic reading at Psychic Access. What you need to do is to sign up a free account with them. You can do it now by visiting

The above is everything about free online psychic chat, hope it helps you get an amazing psychic reading.

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